Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drops slippers with a twist

 The base for these slippers was the pattern from Drops found at
They are knitted from the toe and up, but instead of knitting back and forth as the pattern said, I used five needles. Doing so, I could add a nice pattern on the top of the foot.
Around the ankle I switched two stitches on each end from purl so stockinette.

When it was about one inch left before BO, I made the heel like this:

R1: K10, K2tgh 9 times, K11
R2: K10, P10, K10
R3: K10, K2tgh five times, K10
R4: K10, P5, K10
R5: K10, K2tgh, K1, K2tgh, K10
R6: K10, S1, P2tgh, pull the slipped stitch over the last knitted stitch

Fold the knit so the two needles is parallel to each other, with the inside of the slipper facing out. Take a third needle and slip the last knitted stitch (from R6) over on it. Knit (using the third needle) the first stitch on EACH of the two needles together. Slip the first stitch from needle three over the second. (It is a normal BO, but in the same procedure you knit the heel together.) Continue this until there is no more stitches on the two parallel needles. Cut and pull the thread through.

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