Thursday, September 6, 2012

Easy-Peasy Drawstring Howl

Yesterday, I finished the first item I've made for myself in a long while..

Apparently, the only things I can improvise are here's another one! Except this one is also....A HAT!!

I had some more of the wonderful Drops Karisma Yarn in the deep greyish-brown that I've used for some socks before. I kindof just started knitting randomly and made decisions about the pattern along the way...but here's the result anyway:

CO 100 stitches on a round 3.5mm needle.

Rows 1-7: Ribbed, K2 P2*

R  8-13: K to end
R 14-18: P to end
R 18-24: K to end
R 25-27: P to end
R 28-30: K to end

R 31-32: P to end
R 33-38: K to end
R 39-43: P to end
R 44-46: K to end
R 47-48: P to end
R 49-50: K to end
R 51-55: P to end
R 56-61: K to end
R 62-64: P to end
R 65-67: K to end
R 68-70: P to end

Of course, you don't have to follow this exactly- you can make your own variations of row numbers.

Anyway, as I did it, I finished with a row of holes to thread the drawstring through, as follows:

R 71: K3, K2tog, YO* to end
R 72: K to end
R 73: BO.

For the drawstring, I contemplated using the same yarn, but ended up choosing the finer Drops Alpaca. I crocheted the string back and forth (VERY basic crocheting). The string could also be knitted or braided, or you could even use a shoelace for a little more sporty feel. Just make sure the string is long enough to make it around the whole thing when it's loose, and that you can tie a knot or a bow in it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Chunky Man-Cowl for Mr. Man!

The cowl I made last spring was very well received and has been used pretty much every day for almost a year now. I thought it was time to make a new one and this time I would make a short one and knit it full circle instead of knitting a scarf and sewing the ends together, like I did last time.

I had found these beautiful colors in Drops Andes yarn, which is bulky and wonderfully soft. The colors are perfect with all the khaki and chinos that have been in recently. The project was easy- the bulky yarn and large needles make it quick, and I used the same waffle pattern as I did for the other cowl, so there wasn't so much new stuff to figure out.

What you'll need:

A circular 5mm pin, 60cm long and 1-2 skeins of Andes (or another Super Bulky yarn). I used 2 different colors, one main color (burgundy) and another for the edge (brown/grey/purple-ish).

CO 56 stitches with the edge color and knit the following in the round:

6 rows of rib stitch for the edge: *K2, P2*.

Then switch to the main color and knit the following in the round:

Rows 1 and 2: K to end.
Rows 3 and 4: *K2, P2*.

Repeat rows 1-4 until you've reached the desired "height" for the cowl.
I used an entire skein of the main color.

Switch back to edge color and do 6 rows of rib stitch, just like in the beginning.

BO and sew the ends in.

VoilĂ !

P.S. If you want to make the cowl wider or tighter around the neck, remember to add or remove in multiples of 4 stitches to keep the pattern in order. This one is already starting to loosen up, so it may be a good idea to cast on only 52 or 48 stitches to keep it nice and snug.