Thursday, September 6, 2012

Easy-Peasy Drawstring Howl

Yesterday, I finished the first item I've made for myself in a long while..

Apparently, the only things I can improvise are here's another one! Except this one is also....A HAT!!

I had some more of the wonderful Drops Karisma Yarn in the deep greyish-brown that I've used for some socks before. I kindof just started knitting randomly and made decisions about the pattern along the way...but here's the result anyway:

CO 100 stitches on a round 3.5mm needle.

Rows 1-7: Ribbed, K2 P2*

R  8-13: K to end
R 14-18: P to end
R 18-24: K to end
R 25-27: P to end
R 28-30: K to end

R 31-32: P to end
R 33-38: K to end
R 39-43: P to end
R 44-46: K to end
R 47-48: P to end
R 49-50: K to end
R 51-55: P to end
R 56-61: K to end
R 62-64: P to end
R 65-67: K to end
R 68-70: P to end

Of course, you don't have to follow this exactly- you can make your own variations of row numbers.

Anyway, as I did it, I finished with a row of holes to thread the drawstring through, as follows:

R 71: K3, K2tog, YO* to end
R 72: K to end
R 73: BO.

For the drawstring, I contemplated using the same yarn, but ended up choosing the finer Drops Alpaca. I crocheted the string back and forth (VERY basic crocheting). The string could also be knitted or braided, or you could even use a shoelace for a little more sporty feel. Just make sure the string is long enough to make it around the whole thing when it's loose, and that you can tie a knot or a bow in it.

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